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Become a delicious baseball player with Doodle Baseball, a simple yet addictive game in which you take up the bat and strike as many balls as possible!
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Fast Tennis

Fast Tennis

Fast Tennis
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Fast Tennis


If you are a true fan of tennis, don't miss the game Fast Tennis. It's time to prove all your skills. After pressing to start the game, players will see a majestic competition field on the screen. You will be the one serving the ball, and your opponent will be the one receiving the ball. These two roles will swap when you fail to serve.


The served ball needs to fly over the net and fall in the service box diagonal to the server's standing position. It is not allowed to touch the end lines and sidelines. If the first serve fails, the player will have the opportunity to serve a second time. If the ball is still not served successfully, the server will lose points and give the serving position to the opponent. The scoring system of this game is not as strict as the rules of real tennis. Time for each match is limited. The player who scores more points within the specified time will win.

How To Play

  • Drag the racket to hit the ball.
  • Control the ball's speed by hitting it faster or slower.
  • Add spin by dragging the racket sideways after hitting.
  • First to score 10 wins.

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