Doodle Baseball
Epic Basketball
Become a delicious baseball player with Doodle Baseball, a simple yet addictive game in which you take up the bat and strike as many balls as possible!
Doodle Baseball
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Epic Basketball

Epic Basketball

Epic Basketball

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Doodle Baseball» Epic Basketball

Epic Basketball


In Epic Basketball, every shot counts, every character adds to the experience, and every challenge brings you closer to becoming a basketball legend. Adjust your goals, embrace the adventure, and experience the thrill of this epic basketball journey.

Test your skills and aim for the top spot on the world leaderboards. As you conquer challenges and climb the leaderboards, you'll unlock new dimensions of the game and show off your prowess to players around the globe. The competitive spirit awaits—are you up for the challenge?

How To Play

  • Press the left mouse button.
  • Drag to aim.
  • Release to launch.

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